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Posted by on Oct 19, 2012 in Companies |

Apple’s public apology in the UK must be in Arial, size 14

Apple's public apology in the UK must be in Arial, size 14

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About three months ago, as part of the of against in the for the design of their tablets, Judge Colin Birss found that the Korean company had not plagiarized Apple, to ensure that the designers of the Galaxy Tab not managed to capture the design simplicity “as ‘cool’” as the iPad.

Since the court found that the Galaxy Tab was not a copy of the iPad, the most striking of the resolution was that Apple forced to run ads stating that Samsung did not try to copy him , as a way to clean the affected image and set the record straight among consumers. The Cupertino company appealed the decision.

Finally, Apple lost the today so not only will have to issue advertisements in British newspapers and on its website public apology, but, according to the detailed instructions of the judge, you must ask these apologies in Arial, and a size not less than 14 points.

A minor tragedy for fans of the Cupertino company, who were used to their sans-serif fonts are Helvetica.

Link: Apple Will Have to apologize to Samsung after losing UK iPad appeal (The Next Web)

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