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Posted by on Jul 10, 2013 in Software |

Applications that have become big business

Applications that have become big business

Now that it meets the five years of the App Store , it is worth noting that more than a convenience for us, has become big business billionaire. It is very common nowadays to see dozens of new studies and startups building applications. With a relatively small investment you can get back the investment applications and generate profits. It is, technically, a windfall.

Unfortunately not always the case, it is so easy to create a company of apps, how easy is that to succeed. But developers and startups move through the “if another has done it, why not me?”. It’s those success stories that make this business more and more cases have small studios, independent developers or even large companies that fail to earn thousands of dollars with a single application.

When the iPhone 3G and 3Gs smartphones started to become very sold and the number of users of increased steadily, became very notable “success stories from the App Store.” These stories are too good to pass up, people who a few weeks or months of work invested in an application, manage to sell thousands of Apps to a public that continues to find the best apps to buy and install on your iPhone.

Applications that have become big business image 2 Suddenly, create an application became child’s play and anyone could make thousands of dollars a month with a good application. It is perhaps one of the biggest lies created from a store like this. A dozen cases, even a hundred success stories does not mean that anyone can become rich by creating an application, much less when you have six million developers creating more apps.

The most famous case was the application I’m Rich , who just showed a picture of a ruby and nothing else. Just that. The application price was $ 999. The worst part is that many people fell and bought the application.

This would not have been a problem, but rather a story of how a handful of people have nothing else on which to spend the money, but everyone does with their money what they want. The problem is that this application was purchased by minors who either do not know what they were exactly or told their parents they did not know what they said.

Cases like this meant that had to add the installation in two steps, first press buy or download an application and then having to type the Apple account password associated to confirm the purchase. It is a two-step system that certifies cumbersome but to acquire, is made with all knowledge.

Applications that have become big business image 3

WhatsApp, king of messaging

Today we could not imagine without some applications, which more than software have become everyday tools. For example , which began as a messaging application using the data rate (it was not the first to use this model) and thus save a lot of money on text messages, especially in countries where the messages come in packs of thousands and the U.S. free

WhatsApp managed to become thanks to word of mouth in a success thanks to iOS and the money you saved, but above all, became a true messaging platform when it opened to Android. Maybe it’s one of the best deals in your time could provide the App Store, to convert a popular service, to be open to other platforms.

Angry Birds: the rule

If there is someone who owes a lot to the App Store, that’s Rovio. The creators of can say they have an empire thanks to sales of its game par excellence.

Angry Birds and Angry Birds Seasons for iPhone and iPad are in the top 5 most downloaded paid apps. There are no official numbers for your downloads, but have generated millions of dollars for Rovio, besides giving them the ability to create more games and partnerships with other brands, such as Angry Birds: Star Wars . But it has been only in some games, Rovio has followed the teachings of George Lucas: turn it all in merchandising. Dolls, socks, polo shirts, underwear, stickers, toys, towels … No matter what you think, surely has licensed Angry Birds Rovio to create any type of accessory that can be sold.

Rovio has not only managed to make a lot of money with Angry Birds, has positioned them as an independent game studio large, which helps a lot in a time that Angry Birds is great, but they can not live the life … although that same Mario Bros said.

Apple is delivering some applications and games to celebrate five years of the store . What do you consider essential apps?

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