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Posted by on May 30, 2012 in Internet |

Appointment in Berlin: Campus Party Europe and starts

Appointment in Berlin: Campus Party Europe and starts

Now everything is ready for the new edition of Campus Party to be held in Europe for the first time in (Germany). From 21 to August 26 will be held at the old airport Tempelholf the largest global meeting organized by Telefonica and technology as the protagonist.

It is estimated that this new appointment to meet 10,000 young geeks , including programmers, developers, game enthusiasts, bloggers and innovative Internet in general.

They have a mission to rewrite the source code for Europe to “help transform the continent into a better place.” And also the rest of the world, I hope.

As in the past are expected to be intense days, 24 hours a day with the latest in digital entertainment and innovation.

What you will find those who venture to join this event? No less than 600 hours of workshops, debates, competitions and lectures in 16 content areas that are in turn divided into 24 thematic areas: entrepreneurship, software development, design, robotics, free software, video games …

People with whom we will have this issue at the moment: Sir Tim Berners-Lee , considered one of the fathers of the Internet, and Paulo Coelho, the famous Brazilian writer.

Some will have the opportunity to attend this free event, transportation and accommodation included: The 5,000 participating in the Challenge TheBigThink and are elected from the rest by providing the best ideas for the European Digital Agency.

And these ideas will lead to a process of discussion that will end with a ceremony to be submitted to the European Commission Vice President and Head of the Digital Agenda, Neelie Kroes. See if it’s true and then applied in the future all those good ideas.

Here you have a video for you to take a look if you want, see if you urge.

Campus Party

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