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Posted by on Oct 28, 2012 in Hardware News |

APU AMD A10-5700 tested

A10-5700 APU AMD tested

Earlier this month launched its anticipated second generation APU A or A 5000 Series “Trinity” for desktop socket FM2 , although those dates apu K Series (A10-5800K, 5600K and A6-A8-5400K) were protagonists of most of reviews published on the website, although a little late we get a review of the A10-5700 APU.

Those tested at Hexus AMD A10 APU-5700 comprises two modules (each consisting in turn of two integer processing units “ALUs” and a floating point unit “Flex-FP”) running at 3.4GHz (a 4Ghz Turbo mode) and AMD IGP (384 shader processors running at 760MHz), and a of 65W.

Without further ado, here are some of their test:

A10-5700 APU AMD tested image 2

A10-5700 APU AMD tested image 3

A10-5700 APU AMD tested image 4

Thanks to the APU lower TDP AMD-5700 A10 shows a lower of about 20W AMD APU A10-5800K, although obviously somewhat lower because of its lower frequency.

We recommend reviewing the full review at Hexus site.

Link: Review: AMD A10-5700 (Hexus)

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