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Posted by on Sep 15, 2012 in Hardware News |

APU AMD Hondo initially bear only Windows 8

Hondo APU AMD initially bear only Windows 8

The Hondo will be launched on dates close to the launch of Microsoft Windows 8 operating system , and will become an alternative to Intel Atom microprocessors Cloverview in the segment of ultra-economic notebooks and tablets.

During the event IDF2012 Intel gave back to Linux, announcing that Cloverview not develop drivers for that operating system . Done that aroused the curiosity of The Inquirer, who contacted AMD to know regarding the policy would support Linux for Hondo APU.

AMD’s response was that the Hondo APU will be compatible only with at the time of its launch, but says its software engineers are working on Linux support, so that at a later date to the launch of Windows 8, is expect the first drivers for Linux Hondo APUs.

AMD hopes that Windows 8-based tablets will soon reach between 15 to 20% of the market, so you see the Windows 8 support a priority on support for other operating systems, although not intended as neglecting any market characteristics their Hondo APU support OpenCL as can be appreciated in other segments such as low-power servers.

Link: AMD’s Hondo will only support Windows 8 at launch (The Inquirer)

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