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Posted by on Oct 31, 2012 in Hardware News |

APUs AMD FirePro already available

APUs AMD FirePro already available

announced its new FirePro A300 Series APU in August this year, which promises great performance for economic workstations . Since its announcement, manufacturers like Shappire have shown some products based on them , the still absent in the stores.

Apparently it is very close to the A300 Series available, because from Hermitage Akihabara and inform us that went on in Japan, so they must be missing a few days to be available in other markets around the world.

The APU FirePro initially consist of two members:

APUs AMD FirePro already available image 2

It is appreciated that the FirePro A320 APU offers an output of 184 GFlops in double-precision calculations “DP” (736 GFlops in single precision “SP”), exceeding the as Radeon HD 7870 (160 GFlops DP and SP 2560 ) and GeForce GTX 680 (128GFlops 3090GFlops DP and SP), while the FirePro A300 APU provides power 173GFlops in (693GFlops in single precision). This computing power makes them ideal for running intensive raytracing and other applications requiring double precision calculations.

APUs AMD FirePro already available image 3

Link: エーキューブ、Trinity APU採用のワークステーション向けプラットフォーム「FirePro APU A300/A320」 (Hermitage Akihabara)

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