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Posted by on Aug 22, 2012 in Hardware News |

APUs AMD FirePro bear Compute Discrete Offload

APUs AMD FirePro bear Compute Discrete Offload

A few days ago revealed that AMD will soon launch its first APU segment focused on economic workstations, which come under the brand FirePro ; APUs that as expected, noted for their graphics performance .

Although there are still a few weeks so they can be acquired, is slowly revealing some of its new features, and from Heterogeneous Computing News report that we have the technology (DCO).

Compute Discrete Offload (DCO) could say it’s the professional equivalent Dual Graphics technology, released with the Llano APU, although such technology actually born with the name of Hybrid CrossFire with AMD 700 Series chipsets and HD 3000 igp remembered . DCO can combine both graphics performance and power calculation in accelerated computing (GPGPU) APU FirePro FirePro GPU and a dedicated, allowing units to take full calculation of both products.

DCO also allows you to use both drives play/enconding of UVD hardware accelerated video/VCE to increase performance and reduce CPU usage.

Here are some demos of FirePro APU:

Link: APU supports AMD FirePro Discrete GPU Compute Offload for additional compute capability (Heterogeneous Computing News)

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