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Posted by on Oct 23, 2012 in Hardware News |

Arduino level up with the release of the Arduino Due

Arduino level up with the release of the Arduino Due

The should be by far one of the most popular chips in creating home projects. And that is surely to be received with considerable enthusiasm Launch the Arduino Due, the new and revamped version of the favorite amateur electronics enthusiasts.

The breakthrough in this version is that they leave out the 8-bit and 16 MHz, since the new Due Amtel SAM3X8E includes a processor design based on Cortex-M3 32-bit to 84 MHz running with in which the processing speed improvement is evident.

Key features include: USB 2.0 interface at 480 Mb, and that allows the chip to act as a USB Host and so connect keyboards, cameras, mice, mobile phones, and so on. Comes with 12 analog inputs and 12-bit high speed for audio and signal processing, and two analog outputs (DAC) high resolution. It also has support for the Android ADK protocol 2012.

According to the press release, the Arduino Due will provide students with “an opportunity to learn how a processor ARM” more cheaply and more easily than ever. Its retail price will be $49, and will begin shipping today.

Link: Meet the Arduino Due, the 32-bit board that’ll let your projects fly (Engadget)

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