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Posted by on Jun 6, 2013 in Science |

Argentina and China will create a bi-national institute of nanotechnology

Argentina and China will create a bi-national institute of nanotechnology

Minister Barañao and Argentine authorities, during the visit to the Municipal Commission of and Technology Beijing. (Photo: MinCyT)

A committee of the Ministry of Science, Technology and Productive Innovation of Argentina, by the current Minister Lino Barañao, was in Beijing, China, with a group of local professionals to promote a range of value-added technology products that might be of interest in Asia as well as the usefulness of creating alliances to boost trade.

Among these projects, Chinese officials were interested in nanotechnology, a branch of industry útlimos much progress in two years in the country, thanks to the implementation of chip models for the agricultural industry.

This activity will be the starting point for a joint initiative between the two countries, who will work on the development of new nanodevices from the Technological Scientific Center, where he created the Argentine-Chinese Centre for Agri-Food Science and Technology (Argenchino why not? ), at the new building of the Ministry located in the Palermo district.

It is the first joint initiative between the countries related to technology. During the visit, Minister Barañao participated in the placement of a commemorative plaque at the offices of the same Centre for Science and Technology to open in Argentina, located in the Institute of Agrifood in since 2008 incubated six projects related to processing meat and food security, and processing of plant proteins.

A little less than a year, an Argentine businessman reported on an investment of around U.S. $ 150 million in plant to supply the international market segment devices for and livestock.

Link: China and Argentina will create a binational Institute of Nanotechnology (MinCyT)

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