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Posted by on Oct 1, 2012 in Hardware |

Argentina: Only computers All-In-One will come with Windows 8

Argentina: Only computers All-In-One will come with Windows 8

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As reported by one of the managers of retail chains of Argentina’s largest computing, computers coming to market with only will teams (All In One), as well as tablets and cell phones.

All other configurations of computers, both and desktops remain available with Windows 7.

Although this news not delay equipment sales to consumers delayed their purchases waiting for the new operating system of Microsoft, they will be a major obstacle to the penetration of Windows 8 in a market where technology replacement period is usually much longer than in other countries, especially in the big buyers such as companies and state agencies.

The other obstacle is that Miscrosoft will face limited resources with which many computers, especially desktop, often have to update the operating system, general option usually ends when buying a new unit.

To alleviate the situation somewhat, some companies prepare agreements with to offer a major bonus for buyers of new computers. Those teams have acquired after June 2, 2012 can upgrade to version 8 for $14.99.

Link: In Argentina only computers All-in-One will come with Windows 8 (neutron)

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