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Posted by on Jun 28, 2013 in Science |

Argentina opens and nanoprocesadores micro factory

Argentina opens and nanoprocesadores micro factory

Argentina’s Minister of Industry, Debora Giorgi (first from right) at the opening of the Center for Microtechnology. Photo: INTI

Today was inaugurated Micro and Centre Bicentennial (CMNB) in the city of Bahía Blanca, province of Buenos Aires, where it manufactured highly complex integrated circuits to replace imported and in a second step, export those components specific industries such as agriculture and livestock.

The integrated will be manufactured in Bahia Blanca will be for technology products such as Smart TV, phones, laptops and tablets, suggesting that perhaps are manufactured at the request of the major brands sold in the country (as these brands do not incorporate chips without international approval), or for products that are sold only locally.

According to the Technical Director CMNB, Liliana Fraigi, this project “just beginning”, and will function as the core of “the development of intellectual property. We’re not talking about the simple manufacturing, which is a commodity, but a highly technological development base, where there is an important know-how that can be exported. Is the production of highly complex technological circuits, “he said.

As in other joint projects between the government and some producers, this center will also feature the participation of the leading universities of the country as a major academic resource. Both organizations such as universities, chambers of commerce and companies will be part of the integration of these components, among which include the UTN, Unsan, UNS, Coradir, Unitec Blue, Probatery, Microtrol, Afarte, CADIEEL, the Governor of Tierra del Fuego and the Ministry of National Science and Technology.

Link: Argentina has a plan to export microelectronics (Channel AR)

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