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Posted by on Jun 12, 2012 in Hardware News |

ARM Announces New Mali-450 GPU

ARM Announces New Mali-450 GPU

ARM-based GPUs released its in 2009 with the launch of the family of Mali-200 GPU, later to launch GPUs Mali-300 and Mali-400 MP, the new architecture Midgard released this year with Mali GPU- 600 ( T-604 Mali and Mali T-658 ) promises to replace Ulgard a yield up to 10 times that of Mali T-400, and is expected to make its appearance in 2014 the future architecture Skrymir and perhaps in 2016 or 2017 to see the architecture Tyr.

Although we assumed that all new GPUs released by architecture would be based on Midgard, ARM surprise by announcing its new GPU Mali-450 (T-450 Series Mali), the now most powerful member of the “old” (2009 ) Ulgard architecture, which promises to double the performance of the GPU Mali T-400, because that will be available in configurations with between 5 to 8 cores (Mali T-400 has between 1 to 4 cores).

Being based on Ulgard architecture, the new ARM Mali-450 GPU does not support OpenCL GPU-accelerated computing feature that if present in the architecture-based GPUs and above Midgard (Skrymir and Tyr), before it responds to ARM Mali -450 is aimed at entry-level products (economic), which do not require this feature, but if other graphics API such as and OpenVG.

ARM Announces New Mali-450 GPU image 2

ARM Announces New Mali-450 GPU image 3

ARM GPU Roadmap through 2014.

It is hoped that Mali-450 is available during the second half of this year together with Midgard GPUs (Mali-600).

Link: ARM fills in Line with Mali GPU-450 (EE Times)

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