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Posted by on Oct 25, 2012 in Hardware News |

ARM: Intel no leads us in manufacturing processes

ARM: Intel no leads us in manufacturing processes

In recent months, Intel has been very confident that their advanced manufacturing processes allow you to comfortably outdo their rivals , among which we can mention companies like AMD, Qualcomm and other manufacturers of microprocessors based on and MIPS architectures.

With the elapse of weeks, has intensified its campaign to convince users that their products outweigh the ARM, ARM SoC mentioning that they have higher energy efficiency than its Atom CPU , and that their future Atom made manufacturing processes sub-20nm fully defeat them . Campaign that seeks to counter the declining demand for PCs , which in recent months have been severely reduced sales, while portable devices (tablets and smartphones) are gaining strength and prominence.

ARM’s answer came quickly, and obviously Intel denied the claims, stating that now is the opposite, as the rival of Intel products (Atom for tablets and smartphones) are manufactured with the 32nm process, while ARM SoCs are optimized for the most popular manufacturing processes of industry and manufacturing processes of 40nm, 32nm and 28nm GlobalFoundries, and TSMC.

ARM also said that he and his partners plan to introduce ARM SoCs manufactured at 20 and 14nm (planar and FinFET “3D”) for the same date that Intel announces its transition to 14nm (2014), so plan to stay ARM Along with Intel in terms of manufacturing processes.

ARM believes that a smaller manufacturing process ensures no CPUs have the most successful, because there are much more important factors such as the design and of the chip itself, so it is expected that in the coming years ARM maintain the excellent relationship between computing power and energy efficiency that characterize and CPUs based soc architecture.

No doubt that in the future its machinery marketera direct Intel against Qualcomm and other companies in the vast ecosystem ARM, which for some time have become major competitors of Intel ( especially Qualcomm ).

Link: ARM wades into Intel (Fudzilla)

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