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Posted by on Aug 3, 2012 in Hardware News |

ARM Mali GPU sends its-T604 for OpenCL 1.1 certification

ARM Mali GPU sends its-T604 for OpenCL 1.1 certification

Two years ago, introduced its graphics chip Mali-T604 , promising high performance designed for mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. Today, the company decided to send their product to the organization Group, creator of open standards and with the participation of the major players in the technology industry. Is the purpose? Get certified to support the API 1.1.

With this, the graphics chip for mobile will be the first to have this approval, resulting in a new Full Profile OpenCL driver, which could become widely used platform with core processor microarchitecture based on ARM Cortex-A15 and Mali GPU-T604 in different formats as traditional low-cost PCs and energy consumption. This will also enable all kinds of equipment, including servers, have access to more software written for OpenCL in “full profile”, which will lead to hardware level computing tasks previously done so embedded, increasing performance and efficiency, of course, with an emphasis on 3D applications.

To put in context, currently the latest mobile phones like Samsung Galaxy S III , uses a graphics chip ARM Mali-400/MP4 of generation before the Mali-T604 . In fact, a generation later, and even better, call Mali-T658 , which promises 10 times better performance than the Mali-400/MP4 and four times the T604, but market issues, these technologies have not massified.

Link: ARM Mali-T604 submits OpenCL for conformance (Fudzilla)

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