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Posted by on Nov 11, 2012 in Hardware News |

ARM: Moore’s Law is becoming irrelevant

ARM: Moore's Law is becoming irrelevant

So far this year Intel and ARM have been exchanging mutual insults , the most recent being the self-proclaimed superiority of Intel , comments that had a setback a few days to prove that Qualcomm, the largest manufacturers of SoCs ARM, Intel surpassed in market value .

Warren East, of ARM, apparently does not want to allow Intel to stay with the last word, and in a recent Interview by MIT Technology Review, says that Moore’s Law, formulated by E. Gordom Moore, Co-founder of Intel (law which states that the number of transistors doubles every year) is to cease to be relevant, for the purchase with maximum speed, feature increasingly loses ground to efficiency (miles per gallon).

The ARM SoCs in its continuous evolution cover an increasing market segment, from its origins in smartphones, to tablets, micro-servers, desktops and laptops, a process that will gradually along with the emergence of new applications that will gradually replacing the old; arrive claiming change anyway with or without Microsoft (referring to the Windows operating system RT).

The key to growth is innovation ARM, and its CEO says that in the last 15-20 years, there has been much more innovation in the world of smartphones in the world of PCs.

Link: Will Moore’s Law Become Irrelevant? (HardOCP)

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