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Posted by on May 22, 2012 in Hardware News |

ARM: We will make greater participation in the Intel PC smartphones

ARM: We will make greater participation in the Intel PC smartphones

RT Windows , editing equipment ARMv7 architecture-based (32 bit) is getting closer, and if someone is showing signs of concern but denies it is Intel, whose CEO stated that ARM will have serious problems ( in terms of software) to convince enterprise customers because of the limited experience we offer (referring to the x86 software compatibility).

No doubt these claims could not go unanswered by ARM, which so defiantly announces that it will make a figure much higher share in the market for desktops and laptops that can take market smartphones.

Warren East, CEO of ARM, expected to take ARM-based computers from 10 to 20% of notebook market by 2014 or 2015, a figure that is much higher than the share that Intel can get the smartphone market by those same time, as Intel will face the many companies of the ecosystem.

He adds that the usage habits of consumers are beginning to change, and most of them do not require high processing power, but enough to perform tasks of web browsing, email, messaging, office, some editing of images, and not much else; applications for the ARM-based chips provide sufficient power at a much lower than Intel’s offerings, making them become attractive options among many equipment manufacturers and users.

As for the smartphone market offers ARM chips from U.S. $ 20, while Intel options do not fall below $ 80.

Link: ARM steps up war of words with Intel (TechEye)

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