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Posted by on Oct 2, 2012 in Hardware News |

arrived APU AMD Trinity FM2 socket

AMD Trinity APU arrived FM2 socket

Confirming rumors that many today as the release date of the new APU, finally launches today its new A-5000 Series A-Series or second generation, known by its code name Trinity, which come with a price much lower than expected:

  • A10-5800K = $122
  • A10-5700 = U.S. $122
  • A8-5600K = $101
  • A8-5500 = U.S. $101
  • A6-5400K = $67
  • A4-5300K = $53
  • 750K = 81
  • Athlon X4 740 = 71

Here are some reviews:

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Link: Multiple sources.

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