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Posted by on Jul 11, 2012 in Science |

Artist creates genetically engineered mice with DNA from Elvis

Artist creates genetically engineered mice with DNA from Elvis

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Strange to say enough is enough: A controversial British artist and want to cause us to question the ethics and philosophy behind genetic research, creating genetically engineered mice with from hairs assumptions that Elvis Presley bought by eBay.

The project’s Degree in Royal College of Art , Koby Barhard is called “All That I Am” and said he decided to do his work on the figure of the King of Rock for “being a culture hero who died earlier than the world waited, becoming a myth and glorified to the point of becoming an icon utopian, “said the artist, who decided by Elvis after collecting genetic material also former U.S. President John F. Kennedy and Princess Diana of Wales. Barhard said “Elvis is the most important symbol of the effort, sometimes ludicrous, of our society to keep these icons alive.”

For his work, bought by eBay Barhad a genuine sample of hair from Elvis Presley that cost $ 22, then hired the services of the company Genetrack Biolabs for the DNA sequence from drawing and samples subsequently happened to the company ingenious Targeting Laboratory , who produced cloned transgenic mice with specific aspects of the of the King of Rock.

After obtaining the “mice Elvis” Barhad created a series of that seek to simulate the conditions in which Elvis Presley grew up, trying to guinea pigs not only have their genes, but also their upbringing.

“When it is illegitimate to raise purebred animals will stop working on this project. I think unfortunately there is not much difference between producing pedigreed animals like dogs and cats, and a “mouse Elvis.” The 70 years of experiments Dmitry K. Belyaev showed us that, by selection, you can create a domestic dog from an aggressive silver fox, “said the artist.

Link: Artist engineers mice Genetically With The DNA of Elvis Presley (Wired UK)

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