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Posted by on Oct 26, 2012 in Internet |

Assumptions ‘cybercriminals’ empty the bank account of a Spanish municipality

Assumptions 'cybercriminals' empty the bank account of a Spanish municipality

200,000 euros (about $ 260,000) mysteriously disappeared from the account of the (Pontevedra), after a “15 or 20 operations” conducted over the Internet. This was explained to the police municipal sources has already opened an investigation to determine how the account was empty, as it is presumed that it is an action of ‘cybercrime’.

According Novagalicia Bank, the entity where was the money transfers were made via the to various customers, until the account was empty Hall …

The director Novagalicia Bank, Isaac Rubio, the newspaper explained 20minutes, who have blocked the account of the City and the proceedings have advanced national and international transfers annul target entities, to the point that some amount has been recovered.

Thus, as research progresses, it is worth remembering that a few months ago we warned that Kaspersky cyberfraud Spanish banks increases to the point that it is estimated that occur daily between 3 and 4 cases of cyberfraud in the country and the average Money stolen in each case of between 500 and 3,000 euros.

So I think it’s important to think about the risks that exist in the network, and take steps to avoid being easy prey for cyber criminals, exaggerating our when executing banking transactions: Having an antivirus software installed (and updated), avoid perform banking transactions from public networks or unknown, and by no means share the keys to your bank accounts with people, much less share this data across sites that mysteriously ask you this data.

They empty the account online Cerdedo City Council, which had about 200,000 euros (20 Minutes)

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