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Posted by on Dec 22, 2012 in Hardware News |

ASUS: Intel CPUs and SoCs coexist harmoniously

ASUS: Intel CPUs and SoCs coexist harmoniously

A few days ago announced Intel detailed its approach to the x86 SoC , confirming that although the x86 soc will be a high priority for Intel, that does not mean he will leave interchangeable microprocessor market (LGA), it plans to make both types of products least until 2016.

Undoubtedly, this new approach generates some fear in some users, in a typical reaction of fear of the unknown, but Joe Hsieh, Vice-President and General Manager of the division of motherboards, says it will not be so bad how they think, because Intel will adopt a strategy that will allow both types of products coexist.

ASUS says that while Intel plans to bring the contacts SoC bga (Ball Grid Array) industry of desktop PCs, the industry knows adapt and respond to change.

Chances are that new motherboards all-in-one (with soldier) end representing an option for users, now we can all see in the desktop market many motherboards with Intel Atom CPUs and AMD E / C Series (Brazos 1.0/2.0) soldiers, and we have not seen to represent a bad choice, so you might consider these future CPUs BGA, as a new alternative of greater power than Atom.

Link: Intel likely to figure a way to keep LGA design for CPUs, says Asustek executive (Digitimes)

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