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Posted by on Nov 4, 2012 in Gadgets, Hardware, Reviews |

Asus Live Tab at first sight

Asus Live Tab at first sight

One format hybrid PCs that come with are those who are separated into two: On the one hand we have the screen that contains the computer, and have the keyboard separately. had explored this idea before with Android tablets, and now adapted it for the operating system.

The Live Tab has two versions: RT and “normal”, which is what I went through. Besides differentiated by the processor (ARM and Intel) and the type of operating system you use ( Windows RT and Windows 8 ), the RT version is thinner and lighter than the one that comes with the Intel chip.

Asus Live Tab at first sight image 2

And is that the team is also larger than 11.6 inches instead of 10.1 inches of RT Live, weighing 675 grams. Run with Clover Trail Atom processor, 2 GB of RAM and a SSD of 64 GB of storage. With these specifications, is designed to be a team rather for basic tasks.

Asus Live Tab at first sight image 3

The team is made of metal and feels very solid. The keyboard comes as an accessory included, although the screen can be used completely independently.

To connect the screen to the keyboard to do slots fit on the screen with a hook type on the keyboard. When connected, the computer vibrates to let us know you are OK. The system to connect both parties is not the most elegant, but it works.

Asus Live Tab at first sight image 4

The keyboard is a good size, and battery connectors and delivery extra. Asus says the tablet should give 10 hours of battery alone, which increased to 19 if you use the keyboard. It comes with a USB port, micro HDMI, micro SD, and inputs for connection to the power both keyboard and screen. It also includes an NFC chip.

Asus Live Tab at first sight image 5

The alternative presented by Asus is very solid. It seems a practical option for combining a tablet and a notebook, without having to hold the whole weight of the screen and keyboard if you only want to use the top.

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