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Posted by on Nov 29, 2012 in Science |

At NASA say: “We may have found organic molecules on Mars”

Charles Elachi, director of the of could have cleared the whole day revolt that has caused the recent announcement that the agency in December reveal something that “will go to the history books,” product scans being made by the Curiosity Rover robot on Mars.

Because as he said during a conference at the University La Sapienza in Rome, “we may have found organic on Mars.” Then he said that “these are organic molecules, not biological, as Curiosity not be able to find traces of the latter,” so you need to understand that this does not mean the direct discovery of on Mars, but a type of carbon-containing molecule, a basic element for the formation of life.

To this sum Elachi your opinion regarding the presence of water on Mars, another vital element for the formation of life, which could be “hidden underground”, flowing above the Martian surface at one time.

After NASA lowered expectations the initial announcement that talked about changing the history books, this story again raises the expectations of the people, talking about this finding could be a first step to demonstrate that the elements necessary for life do exist on other planets, and in the case of Mars, it could have been some way of life (even unicellular) in red soil. It will take time to 3 December, by which time NASA prepares a press conference to confirm the supposed big announcement.

Link: Charles Elachi: “We could have found organic molecules on Mars” (

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