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Posted by on Dec 21, 2012 in Hardware News |

Atom for Server “Centerton”: Will rival to ARM in the micro-servers?

The for has given much to talk over this year as this new market practically born with the arrival of the SoC to the server market, focusing on a niche that both and AMD had utterly neglected: low-power servers (now called micro-servers), taking both companies by surprise and forcing them to make a quick response: Atom for Server S1200 Series “Centerton” (Intel) and the still unreleased Opteron micro-servers (AMD).

The SoC S1200 Series are Intel’s first product focused on the micro-servers, but according to industry analysts, believe it is a good product despite the ancient micro-architecture that is based (execution order “in-order execution”) and its modest capacities which pale in comparison to the more robust options available in the ARM SoC to micro-servers (modern execution out of order “out-or-order” and solid interconnection technologies ), but luckily for Intel there are very few ARM micro-servers, and most of ARM products to micro-servers will not arrive until well into next year, so you have time in your favor.

Leaving the technical side, claim that Atom for Server is very inexpensive to produce, meaning Intel a much more profitable than their current Xeon and Itanium microprocessors based on its micro-architectures for high performance (Nehalem, Sandy Bridge, Ivy Bridge and Poulson ), which although might sound good for Intel, while it is not so, it could cannibalize the market currently dominated by low-energy solutions as Xeon E3 Series, but still agree that it is best for Intel is a product manufactured by them affecting the sales of its other products, rather than to do a product from rival companies.

It expects a strong competition in the market for micro-servers, which will become even more bitter when they get the 64-bit ARM SoC, but Intel is already preparing a response to them: their future Atom for Server S2000? Series “Avoton” .

Link: Intel Atom In Servers: Will It Be Enough To Compete With ARM? (Bright Side of News)

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