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Posted by on Dec 20, 2012 in Hardware News |

Atom Tablets with Windows 8 will start selling next year

Atom Tablets with Windows 8 will start selling next year

Three months ago, introduced its platform Clover Trail Atom SoC comprised of the Z2700 Series “Cloverview” but so far he based tablets absent.

From MaximumPC report that Intel has had some problems with the of its graphics drivers for 8 operating system, problems that have caused the postponement of almost all based tablets until next year, which dates Intel expected to get certification of hardware quality labs “WHQL” (Windows Hardware Quality Labs) for Microsoft.

No doubt a very bad news for all users who expected a tablet with great autonomy and able to run many of our cherished traditional applications and games, plus the ARM tablets are not able to offer at the moment.

In passing we mention that the tablets based APU AMD Z Series “Hondo” also absent, except for Tablet Fujitsu Q572 , we have not seen other models available, although it is expected that during the CES event are announced many tablets based on both Cloverview as Hondo.

Link: The Majority of Windows 8 tablets will not start shipping until 2013 (MaximumPC)

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