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Posted by on Oct 17, 2012 in Software |

Attempts to revive the Start menu and skip the modern style in Windows 8

Attempts to revive the Start menu and skip the modern style in Windows 8

Start u hit the screens of PCs with Microsoft’s operating system with the release of Windows 95, and it was a revolution in the way we interact with our computers. Now, the Redmond company has decided that 17 years of life were sufficient, and it was time to modernize the way we use the computer in Windows 8.

For this, the traditional menu disappears. Could we get used to the new system, or the is too entrenched to call it quits? Will you get good people the new system, or miss too the traditional menu?

More than one bet on the latter and there are some alternatives that will try to bring it back to life.

It had been rumored earlier this year that would integrate a menu on their computers, and this was confirmed today by executive statements during the presentation of the PCs that come with this OS . It will not be called S Launcher but becomes Quick Launch, and although it will not come by default in the first devices to be offered for sale in the United States, the program can be downloaded and installed.

The widget allows users to access the settings, files and programs from the desktop, without having to return to the “Modern style” of Windows 8.

Attempts to revive the Start menu and skip the modern style in Windows 8 image 2

On the other hand, some independent developers are working on downloadable start menus, which are closed to the equipment of a particular manufacturer. One is Pokki , an application launcher that has existed since Windows 7 and is now adapted for the next version of the operating system.

In the Windows version 8, includes a replacement for the start menu, which is not exactly like the menu we have today, but comes with some modifications, like the ability to add bookmarks or launch notifications. Pokki also allow start from the desktop directly (without going through the modern style).

Windows 8 is not launched yet, but it is expected that in the coming days that will continue to see ads on this line. Is there a future these widgets? What do you think?

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