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Posted by on Nov 29, 2012 in Social Networks |

Automatically creates a video of “Best of 2012″ with your Facebook photos

Animoto produces software that allows music videos easily from photos, and for Christmas launched a free application for Facebook that collects the “best of your year” using the images you have uploaded to the social network.

Simply login with your account and the application automatically create from pictures you uploaded and you’re tagged in, including descriptions of photos and album titles. Once ready, the video can be shared by e-mail or on Facebook itself.

If you did not like automatic version, also offers the possibility of changing edit images, style and music.

It’s a nice idea and certainly achieved interest several to try the full version of Animoto, which allows free short videos and longer videos if you pay a subscription of $ 5 a month.

Best of 2012 (Animoto)
Make a ‘year’s best’ video with free tool from Animoto (USA Today)

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