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Posted by on Sep 20, 2012 in Software |

Available upgrade to OS X 10.8.2

Available upgrade to OS X 10.8.2

In Cupertino are working at full speed and so while we were offering the iOS 6, which analyzed in detail, released the new update also Mountain Lion.

The is now available for users from the Apple website , bringing the expected changes as integration with Facebook that now allows a single sign, shows the social network as an option to share links and photos , includes contact information and profile pictures of Facebook friends in “Contacts”, and integrates Facebook notifications in the notification center.

The Game Center enhancements include the ability to share your brand through Facebook, Twitter, Mail or Messages, incorporating your Facebook friends in Game Center recommended the incorporation of the button “Like” on Facebook to power games and challenge your friends to overcome their brands or achievements.

It also includes other enhancements such as “Power Nap” MacBook Air for the end of 2010, the iPhone IMessages sent to also appear in the Mac, the ability to add cards to the Passbook application on your iPhone or iPod touch (with iOS 6 ) from Safari and Mail on the Mac, the receive FaceTime calls sent to your phone number, among others.

explained from the 10.8.2 update also improves the stability, compatibility and security of your Mac and addresses general operating system.

Link: Upgrading OS X v10.8.2 Mountain Lion

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