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Posted by on Jul 3, 2012 in Hardware News |

Avid M-Audio sells inMusic, adding to Akai, Alesis and Numark

Avid M-Audio sells inMusic, adding to Akai, Alesis and Numark

Avid, a company dedicated to the tools for creative professionals, including side of music, today announced it will sell its M-Audio brand, popular products such as MIDI controllers, interfaces and studio monitors, including other hardware for and home studio.

In addition, Pinnacle, in the business of video editing will also be transferred by Avid, falling to Corel.

But now to the more important: Who will be with M-Audio? Nothing less than inMusic, partner brands Akai, alesis and Numark, bought the property, creating a large conglomerate that dominate the category of equipment for djs and musicians, as all these companies have strong presence in this market.

But ProTools will keep continue to manufacture and interfaces for the software, interfaces with FastTrack, which will face competition inmusic in a not too interested in Avid, for now will focus on customers professional industry, why keep your property under the Avid software for video editing and ProTools, two products used in large-scale professional market, rather than general consumers, that is, less budget.

Link: Avid Sells Off Side Consumer; Numark – Avid – Akai – M-Audio Becomes New Giant (Create Digital Music)

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