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Posted by on Jul 3, 2013 in Companies |

Axtel will complain with U.S. chains by blocking Televisa in Mexico

Axtel will complain with U.S. chains by blocking Televisa in Mexico

A few days ago we learned of the pressure put various Televisa’s pay television channels just to block ads of Axtel . Today the company announced that it affected not stand with folded arms and will use arrays of chains in the United States to enforce the contract.

According to the Director of Regulatory and Interconnection in Axtel, Emilio Vasquez Lizarraga, “chains must also respect their country laws on the subject of doing business”, so Axtel’s lawyers will ask each of the matrices obliging offices in to fulfill the law and not give in to pressure from .

Of the seven chains in which the ads were scheduled Fox only respected the contract. In the case of Sony’s U.S. parent office asked Mexico to comply with the contract and since last Saturday began broadcasting advertising again X-Tremo service.

Lizáraga Vasquez said “You can not prevent a service provider accesses the advertising space to access your competition” as this would be anti-competitive. According to A & E, one of the chains was forced to withdraw advertising from Televisa pressures, there is a clause that prevents transmit ads compete with the cable operator services (Television)

To the extent permitted by law or the competent authority, the minutes of the licensor of commercial announcement time included in services (advertising licensor) shall not be used for advertising video services, fixed line telephony and Internet access services or other distributors or suppliers of such services in the territory in which they are in direct or indirect competition with the operator

Televisa denied having received any complaint Axtel, much less having made a complaint through legal channels in Mexico or abroad, however said the company Axtel Emilio Azcarraga has not answered calls.

Link: U.S. Will Press Axtel from Televisa (Reform)

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