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Posted by on Oct 22, 2012 in Internet, Science |

Back to the Future: The morning mass storage again be the magnetic tape

Back to the Future: The morning mass storage again be the magnetic tape

(CC) Scott Beale

Maybe in the world of music tapes have been negligible in that limbo between vinyl and digital. However in the computers are forecast to return in a big way, as researchers Fuji Film in Japan and IBM in Switzerland are building prototypes of only 10 centimeters per side capable of storing 35 terabytes of information.

To achieve this, the scientists coated magnetic tape with barium ferrite particles, and we believe that this technology will debut in 2024 when fully operational radio telescope SKA (Square Kilometre Array), which will be the largest world where antennas cover over 3,000 square km and generate a petabyte of information daily.

While it may sound like obvious solution simply use hard drives, the problem is that data centers with hard disk arrays used up to 200 times more energy in contrast to that spend a library of in a similar capacity.

This is because hard drives need to stay always on in case you need some information, however the tapes only take energy to read or write to them. Regarding the slowness of the tapes, the IBM researchers say their system Linear Tape File (LTFS) achieved accelerate the reading level of a hard disk.

Finally, IBM scientists say that hard drives will not be able to sustain the growing need for greater storage capacity, while maintaining or lowering the cost and power consumption, which means that, basically, the future again be in the cassettes.

Link: Cassette tapes are the future of big data storage (New Scientist)

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