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Posted by on Aug 6, 2012 in Internet |

Baidu fired 4 employees by deleting posts from users in China

Baidu fired 4 employees by deleting posts from users in China

Baidu , the largest search engine in , according to the Alexa ranking is the most visited site of the Asian giant and the fifth in the world, fired four employees on suspicion of erasing posts from users in exchange for money, three of who were arrested because, although similar events had occurred in the company, this time handled detainees too large sums of money that led to the Chinese police got involved.

“Baidu fired the four employees. If we find similar cases, punish them severely. Baidu closed loopholes to strengthen its administration to maintain order in our communications platform, “he said in a statement the company.

The delete postings is a business that grows every day more and troubled by China, which is already considered ‘ industry norm ‘with advertising companies as Beijing Haotian Lianmeng, they charge $157 for delete a comment, a forum, U.S. $314 for delete it from your blog and $471 for delete the of a notice on news portals such as Sina .

Private companies also offer a very complete “maintenance service”, which charge between $ 25,000 and $ 30,000 a year to monitor and delete all the negative comments about the company.

Link: China’s biggest search company for deleting posts fires Employees for cash (The Verge)

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