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Posted by on Oct 26, 2012 in Software |

Ballmer: Developers work “fast and furious” in applications for Windows 8

One of the main problems that have been pointed at RT Windows, the operating system version that comes in the Surface RT , is the lack of available for it.

Recall that RT only runs Windows applications that are downloaded from the Windows Store, so if you want something that is not there, you can not have it. So far there are some apps that are already available, like Skype or Netflix, but missing important things, like Twitter or Facebook, for example.

According to Steve Ballmer, “developers are working fast and furiously to fill the shelves of applications in the Windows Store”, but did not speculate a figure of how much they expect apps available. Microsoft CEO said that this is a “great opportunity” for developers to bring their programs to a large audience.

In an earlier interview, the vice president of sales and marketing for the company, Keith Lorizio, said Redmond hopes to have 100,000 applications in the first three months after launch (around February). No doubt the developers, developers, developers will be important at this stage, and next week Microsoft will make every effort in them during the conference Build , we’ll be covering live from Engadget.

Link: Following the global launch of Windows 8 Live

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