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Posted by on Oct 31, 2012 in Software |

Ballmer: “Hundreds of millions” of Windows systems will be sold in the coming years

was presented today at Build, the developer conference, where the CEO tried to excite developers of apps to make programs for and Windows Phone 8.

According to Ballmer, “there will be literally hundreds of millions of Windows systems sold in the coming years”, adding both RT devices running Windows, Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8. According to the CEO, these releases start “a golden age of opportunity for developers”, also ensuring that applications for Windows 8 “will be better than anywhere else.”

Ballmer called leverage the features that Windows 8, including the touch screen, synchronization between devices, use of Microsoft and other accounts. According to the executive, there will be “400 million devices” with Windows.

“This is an opportunity to make money for your company,” Ballmer said, promising millions of users interested in downloading applications.

What of Android is an important issue for Microsoft: Windows RT depends entirely on them, so you need to have a good variety to convince users to choose them instead of Android or iOS team.

Ballmer showed a number of apps that are already available, including Netflix, Dropbox, play Agent-P, Skype, social network Ren-ren, Wikipedia, etc. Twitter also announced that in the coming months will have an app.

The CEO said the company made “better marketing” ads promising “often” for their new systems and equipment.

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