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Posted by on Oct 19, 2012 in Gadgets |

Bamboo Manga: The tablet to start drawing Manga comes to Spain

Bamboo Manga: The tablet to start drawing Manga comes to Spain

If you are thinking of starting to take a few steps in the complex world of manga, surely you will be interested to know that people Spain just brought your new “Bamboo Manga”, which gives the impression as its name, is aimed at who begin in this form of illustration.

The Bamboo Pen & Touch allows pen input and multitouch simultaneously: The pen tip and eraser provide up to 1024 levels of pressure sensitivity, providing accuracy to add even small details to the drawings, while multi-touch allows users zoom and rotate your work with a simple finger movement.

So says the manufacturer is much easier to rectify mistakes, add special effects to make the fight scenes look more dramatic or edit the appearance of the characters to be included in a complete history changing their clothes, arms or facial expressions.

And it complements its Wacom tablet “Bamboo Pen & Touch” design with specialized software such as “Manga Studio Debut 4″ and “Anime Studio Debut 8″, with which the tablet is a good choice for both experienced artists and for those who are starting.

Manga Studio Debut 4 is an application designed to draw manga and comics that includes several special effects screen tone and image adjustment tools, while Anime Studio Debut 8 offers the possibility of creating 2D movies, cartoons, anime and animation clipping.

In Spain is already on sale this “pack” to draw a price of 99.90 euros including taxes. And while you would think and see if once and for all with this tool you get to start in the world of manga illustration, I’ll let the video of how the tablet illustration:

Link: Wacom

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