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Posted by on Jun 6, 2013 in Science |

Banker offers $ 1 million to whoever solves a mathematical problem

Banker offers $ 1 million to whoever solves a mathematical problem

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The billionaire Texas banker Andrew Beal is offering $ 1 million to the person who can solve the Beal Conjecture a mathematical generalization of Fermat’s last theorem , proposed by Beal himself in 1993.

Initially, Beal offered in 1997 a prize of $ 5,000 and who resolve or refute the equation, increasing the amount over the years to reach a million now. The idea is that more people are interested in and for this particular problem. “I hope more young people will be attracted to the wonderful world of mathematics,” Beal said in a statement .

Beal’s conjecture states that if A + B x C y = z, where x, y and z positive integers greater than 2, then A, B and C must have a common prime factor.

To earn the award, participants will have two years to submit a possible solution or refutation of the statement, which shall be published in a mathematical journal respectable. The is not the first math problem that gives a for its solution. In 2000, the Clay Mathematics Institute offered seven awards of $ 1 million to seven mathematical problems, one of which was settled in 2010 by Grigori Perelman, who did not accept the award .

Link: Andrew Beal offers $ 1 million to solve his math problem, Beal Conjecture Remains unsolved since 1980s (IBT)

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