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Posted by on Oct 19, 2012 in Internet |

Banking giant HSBC was the victim of a massive DDoS Anonymous

Banking giant HSBC was the victim of a massive DDoS Anonymous

Several of the sites today suffered during a massive that disrupted the bank’s services around the world. The company did not provide details, but said it was a denial of service “did not affect the customer information, but avoided using HSBC online services, including online banking. We are taking appropriate action and working hard to restore service. “

They also indicated that they are “cooperating with the relevant authorities” to determine who is responsible for the attack. Soon, bank sites operate again under normal conditions.

On the internet, claimed the fact. In a Twitter account called @Fawkessecurity, point out that “banks are the cause of our global economic problems, should never be beaten. RBS, Lloyds TSB and Barclays are coming. “

“We do not agree with corporate greed. Will point to a long list of financial institutions and in the coming weeks, “promised. The bill also alleges that got details of 20,000 credit cards HSBC customers, rejecting the bank statements to the effect that had not been accessed customer information.

Although the attack was applauded by some, several clients of HSBC rallied upset because they could not access their accounts in the period while the site was down, preventing transactions.

HSBC hit by broad denial-of-service attack (CNET)

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