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Posted by on Jun 27, 2012 in Internet |

Bans the application Dropbox Boxopus by concerns of piracy

Bans the application Dropbox Boxopus by concerns of piracy

The weekend Boxopus discussed the existence of an application that lets you download torrents to the folder directly. The idea caused some controversy fee because of the stigma surrounding the pirate torrents, Dropbox and it did not take long to decide that he disagreed with the system.

“We noticed that characteristics may be perceived as an incentive for users to violate Copyright using Dropbox. Copyright infringement is against our terms of service, so cancel access to the API. Once the access is revoked, any request to the API to generate the application will fail, “wrote Boxopus Dropbox team.

And just like that, Boxopus service stopped working. According to TorrentFreak commented on developers, the first version of the application was approved without problems, so at that time thought that everything was OK with the system and that might work. At the same time claim that is a technology neutral, as is the service they offer them, whether used for piracy or not.

“Many people see BitTorrent as a synonym for piracy, however, many interesting things that are legal can be found on BitTorrent networks, and that’s it’s made Boxopus” they alleged.

Anyway, Dropbox has made its decision, and it is understandable considering what happened to MegaUpload for several months and that has made all storage services in the network have taken extra measures to protect themselves.

Link: Dropbox bans BitTorrent piracy Concerns over Boxopus startup (TorrentFreak)

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