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Posted by on Jul 17, 2013 in Entertainment |

Bar of Texas is fined for pirated music karaoke

Bar of Texas is fined for pirated music karaoke

(C) thekamo on Flickr

events are an everyday thing in bars worldwide, but in surely local managers will start to be more careful before programming to occur in the future. Recently, a court of this state quite succulent fined to a bar to use unlicensed music .

The lawsuit was handled by BMI agency, dedicated to collect royalties on behalf of major labels. To do this, they sent an investigator to the Clarion Inn to take pictures of the event and even make a diagram of the premises, so as to make clear that this was an innocent infringer karaoke real and that was causing “great damage” to record the likes of Universal or Sony. Obviously, these modest corporations should receive their share.

According to the manager of the premises, the karaoke was done within the legal framework, in other words, the music was used with all the necessary permits. However, a Texas judge ruled that the bar must pay the sum of $ 45,000 to the record by way of compensation.

In his defense, from the bar claimed they had no idea what was wrong with the songs, and to know that they did not have their permits would not allow to be used in the events. But since the court reminded them were already several warnings given to the Clarion Inn for the same subject, and that the argument that simply did not serve as an excuse.

It seems incredible that a simple karaoke has left them so expensive. Of course, desperate for royalties can celebrate a small victory in their large private war against piracy. From Torrent Freak indicate that so far this year there have been 81 complaints to bars similar situations.

Link: Bar Hit With $ 45,000 Fine for “Pirated” Karaoke Songs (Torrent Freak)

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