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Posted by on Jun 14, 2012 in Science |

Based fuel cell to glucose would power the future brain implants

Based fuel cell to glucose would power the future brain implants

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The future prosthesis could get energy from the fluid of the brain itself, if the project developed by MIT researchers come to fruition. The scientists created a silicon wafer that integrates several fuel cells capable of generating power using glucose.

Cells harvested small electrical currents generated electrons from molecules, generating a small amount of microwatts. As calculated by the computer, the system would collect hundreds of microwatts of energy without causing damage to the brain.

The idea is to deliver that energy to future brain implants that allow, for example, restore limb mobility in paralyzed patients. Still a long way for this to come to reality, but the cells that operate with glucose could be a good solution to the problem of energy.

In theory, the cell would receive all the sugar it needs from the cerebrospinal fluid that bathes the brain and protect it from banging against the skull. There are few cells in this fluid, which would also unlikely that the introduction of the cell to cause an immune response.

Link: New energy source for future medical implants: sugar (MIT)

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