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Posted by on Aug 21, 2012 in Hardware News |

Baserock Codethink Slab Server: Server with 32 cores ARM

Baserock Codethink Slab Server: Server with 32 cores ARM

The market has launched an exciting new chapter in its history with the incursion of servers based on ARM microprocessors, among them we can mention Viridis of Calxeda , X-Gene from Applied Micro , and future servers, HP Gemini and the being developed by Samsung .

From The Inquirer report that Codethink, a company dedicated to the manufacture of servers Announces New Slab Server server, which consists of eight SoCs XP quad core ARMv7, ie a total of 32 cores ARM.

Slap Baserock Server is available in 1u rack format, and you can combine up to 76 nodes, for a total of 2432 cores. Its creators claim that offers high capacity and multithreaded focuses on clusters of servers to the cloud “cloud”.

The new server will be available within a few weeks, but unfortunately have not revealed the exact date of launch.

With the emergence of a growing number of Linux distributions for ARM-based servers, many organizations will be on ARM based servers an excellent alternative that offers high capacity and low power consumption multiprocessing.

No doubt that the market for ARM-based servers but only just born, here to stay, they offer features that the existing servers based on other architectures such as x86 are not yet able to match.

Link: Codethink launches ARM 32 core server chips using Marvell (The Inquirer)

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