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Posted by on Jun 4, 2012 in Science |

BaTboT: The Drone flying that mimics the flight of the bat

BaTboT: The Drone flying that mimics the flight of the bat

From the time of the early pioneers of aviation models have been like wings of bats. Apparently, researchers in Spain and the United States returned to work on these models as the standard operation of the wings of the only flying mammal on Earth up to 35% would reduce the energy cost during the flight.

This is also where BaTboT, a drone that mimics the design of wings of these animals. The project funded by the United States military has a history in the military with combat aircraft F-14 Tomcat, which folded its wings according to the type of flight performed.

The robot project pursues the same goals, achieve better flight path and maneuvers but air superiority in reducing energy costs. The bats fold their wings against the body when they start an upward trajectory, dynamic engineers from Brown University and the Polytechnic University of Madrid began to play on a flying robot with modified wings AR.Drone based on a shape memory alloy ( SMA), which respond to the demands of flight through electrical orders.

For more details on this batirobot, please consult the complete publication of the researchers, called “Biomechanics of intelligent robot wings bat: Transformation of the wings using SMA actuators” .

Researchers are motivated with the achievements so far as it confirmed some of his theories on the operation of their robot from rigid components interacting with softer materials and artificial muscles.

Link: BatboT is up for bat Imitating Smart Maneuvers (

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