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Posted by on Jul 3, 2012 in Science |

Battery Thomas A.Edison comes alive

Battery Thomas A. Edison comes alive

The inventor of the phonograph, the video camera and the electric bulb left us such inventions as part of his legacy but also created a in the early 20 made with and to power electric cars, but today almost nobody using this type battery rather than solar panels and wind turbines is that the problem with these battery which is stored energy very slowly.

But an improved version of this invention may take minutes, not hours to charge. The original model used a cathode made of nickel and an anode made of iron, both bathed in an alkaline solution. The asshole is usually used as a driver but in the new design uses a sheet of graphene and carbon just one atom thick.

In the conventional electrodes are used imprecise mixtures of iron and nickel with coal, for this battery nanocrystals were created iron oxide nanocrystals graphene and nickel hydroxide on carbon nanotubes, resulting in a load up to 1000 times rapid.

Currently, the prototype battery is used to light a lantern, but hope that in future this technology will serve to move modern electric car, or at least help give a boost to help lithium batteries.

Link: Graphene Thomas Edison’s battery Gives a new life (BBC UK)

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