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Posted by on Sep 26, 2012 in Science |

Bees zombies concern to the U.S. scientific community

Bees zombies concern to the U.S. scientific community

(C) Matt Groening

The fly GRIZZLY BEAR is an insect native to the United States that is played very similar to Alien xenomorfos where the adult female (smaller than a fruit fly) stabs her another insect sting to inject their eggs , which subsequently reproduce within the host to death. Within a week, the larvae end up escaping the host’s body through the space between the head and thorax, decapitating the insect .

While this parasitic fly usually only attack certain species of and wasps, biologist and scholar John Hafernik discovered a few years ago that these insects began attacking honey bees (which already have enough problems with their mass deaths) , which after being parasitized wander erratically as until they drop dead.

Hafernik created a site called , where he began to recruit scientists to help determine how to spread these parasites, and their role in the massive decline in recent years bee populations throughout U.S.. So far have detected the presence of Apocephalus borealis across the West Coast, and Oregon State.

Link: U.S. scientists alarmed over Prevalence of zombie bees (The Australian News)

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