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Posted by on Sep 22, 2012 in Social Networks |

Before the year ends, Twitter to download message history

Before the year ends, Twitter to download message history

Download the message history of an account is something that today can be done by third-party solutions, but by the end of the year, Twitter will implement this function officially. This was confirmed by the CEO at the Online News Association conference in San Francisco.

expected before the end of this 2012, the option to download all the written by one person is available to all. Or at least that’s the promise, with the Twitter engineering team already working on what many people probably expected and is grateful.

Costolo also took time to talk about what’s coming in the future Twitter. The idea seems to be evolving the way of presenting the 140 characters, adding more interactive features. “We want to reach the messages serve as a review of some additional functionality, and we would like to include things like real-time data or functionality of an application style,” said the CEO of Twitter.

But first on the list is to improve the user experience for all users, and that includes greater regulation of fake accounts and impostors, something we are investing heavily. For now, the option to download the history seems to be the first in the list of changes that are coming to Twitter.

Link: Twitter CEO promises interactive tweets, defends curbs (Reuters)

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