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Posted by on Jun 17, 2013 in Hardware News |

Benefits of using a certified source for Haswell-DT

Benefits of using a certified source for Haswell-DT

Microprocessors Core fourth generation “Haswell-DT” for desktop socket LGA 1150 , arrived a few days ago, and for proper operation requires power supplies for him , which can be found at this link .

Intel introduced its fourth microprocessors “Haswell-DT” new features among which we have to rest the new states of and , by which, the consumption of the chip should be significantly reduced while the mode rest (idle).

The Legit Reviews tested this feature (Lowest CPU idle Power Settings) using an Intel Core i7-4770K installed in a motherboard Intel DZ87KL-75K, among other components installed in a Corsair power AX860i (Haswell-certified DT).

In tests found that activating C6 and C7 states was achieved on average consumption 13% lower (about 3.1 watts less), compared to having the option disabled, gain somewhat lower than we expect from this feature.

Benefits of using a certified source for Haswell-DT image 2

Most socket LGA 1150 motherboards sold come with C6/C7 states disabled by default in the bios setup. Not recommended unless you enable them you possess a certified power supply, otherwise the computer will freeze / crash when entering sleep mode.

We recommend reviewing the full review Legit Reviews.

Link: What C6/C7 Enabling Low-Power States Do on the Core i7-4770K CPU Haswell (Legit Reviews)


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