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Posted by on Nov 23, 2012 in Hardware Articles |

Best headphones 2012

Best headphones 2012

Best headphones 2012

Sennheiser amperes

Launched as an update of the ancient and popular HD 25, Sennheiser amperes have been acclaimed for its excellent sound quality and rugged construction, being considered as one of the best on-ear portables market.

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AKG K3003

With a hybrid design dual balanced armature and dynamic driver, the K3003 is now positioned as one of the best (and certainly most expensive) in-ear headphones universal date.

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Being the world’s first headset to feature three dynamic transducers (two tweeters and a woofer 5.8 mm 8.8 mm), the HA-FXZ200 certainly have to speak for its innovative concept, good sound and how not, by its unusual appearance.

Best headphones 2012 image 4

Heir audio 4.Ai

Considered universal in-ear qualities of custom in-ear, these headphones Quad balanced armature have caught the attention of all the specialized media for its incredible performance.

Best headphones 2012 image 5

Martin Logan Mikros 70

The Mikros 70 are the first model of headphones launched by this prestigious brand, whose legendary electrostatic speakers have had a lot to selling a kidney. The Mikros 70 looking just capture the signature sound of his older brothers in a design based on balanced armatures with practice including in-line microphone.

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Best Headset 2012

Headphones best value 2012

Sony MH750

While no truly outstanding sound compared to high-end headphones, these headphones have an excellent price / sound considering that are included in the bundle of some of the phones of the brand.

Best headphones 2012 image 7

Noontec Zoro

Perhaps they may seem a simple imitation of the Beats by Dr. Dre Solo, but the truth hidden behind the “popular” housing is totally different. Neutral and detailed sound at an unbeatable price. Its low impedance also makes them perfect for use with cellular or common players.

Best headphones 2012 image 8

Rock-It Sounds R-50

Despite not take a long time in the area of hearing aids, Rock-IT Sounds has positioned the R-50 as one of the best options available price / current performance, mixing a double armor Knowles with a killer price.

Best headphones 2012 image 9


Being one of the pioneers in the inclusion of drivers with carbon microtubules, JVC launched the new series FXD after the success of previous models with this technology, as FXT90. This particular model brings a stainless steel body to an enviable price.

Best headphones 2012 image 10

Rock-It Sounds R-Shield

Following the same formula of low prices with excellent performance of Rock-IT Sounds, the R-Shield has the distinction of being one of the headphones that combine an incredible insulation with a firm that pleases most people.

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Best Value Earphone (Price / Performance)

Headphones more stylish 2012

Sennheiser Momentum

These full-size headphones from the German were designed with a retro format, giving them a touch old-school but elegant at the same time, able to stop any audiophile drool.

Best headphones 2012 image 12

One Custom Pro Beyerdynamic

These headphones deliver a fully customizable experience, because not only have customization kits to suit your style, but also can be transformed in one step from open to closed headphones.

Best headphones 2012 image 13

Sennheiser amperes

The Sennheiser amperes have failed to speak only for its excellent sound quality, but also the modern and sophisticated look that give anodized aluminum parts.

Best headphones 2012 image 14

Kotori Fostex 201

Although not usually given the credit corresponding to Fostex, are responsible for making many lasting models of other brands such as Denon. Fostex is also behind the CAL! (Creative Aurvana Live!), Whose acceptance in the audiophile world is fully-earned. The particular Kotori would be a small change in the CAL!, With the addition that offers the option to customize to suit the client the colors of each part, and a revision in paragraph subtle sound.

Best headphones 2012 image 15

V-MODA M-100

With close cooperation between business and end consumers, the M-100 are released after the resounding success of the Crossfade M-80. It highlights his final good looks, durability and comfort, being as many renowned reviewers for bassheads delightful, or lovers of bass.

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Best Headset 2012

Best Value Earphone (Price / Performance)

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