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Posted by on Nov 26, 2012 in Featured, Hardware Articles |

Best monitor 2012

Best monitor 2012


Best 2012

Dell U3011

His line of monitors is not well known, but Dell makes some of the best screens on the market.

The top line of the company in 2012 was the UltraSharp U3011, with an IPS panel 30 “, the highest resolution that can be found in the consumer segment (2560 X 1600) and ports to connect all consoles current generation of PC also. Also has one of the widest color ranges on the market without sacrificing depth or contrast black.

On the negative side is quite expensive (USD $1,050 in U.S., $869,020 in Chile) has LED lighting (only traditional CCFL), its refresh rate is only 60 Hz and response time of 7 ms can be a little high for highly demanding games like Counter Strike this point.

Best monitor 2012 image 2

BenQ XL2420TX

The alternative gamer comes from the hands of the XL2420TX BenQ, with size 24 “FullHD resolution (1920 X 1080), refresh rate of 120 Hz, LED lighting and ability to play 3D content asset. The response time of this monitor is equally impressive reaching up to 2 ms, and port selection is pretty generous.

The only negative point is the use of a TN panel so sacrifices some color quality, in addition to being available in Chile. In U.S. costs approximately $450.

Best monitor 2012 image 3


ASUS’s proposal for the segment is the VG23AH, LED monitor with a size of 23 “FullHD resolution, and a good selection of ports among which we HDMI, DVI, D-Sub connectors and the like.

In contrast to the ASUS BenQ uses an IPS panel, but its refresh rate is only 60 Hz, the 3D mode works in passive mode and its response time reaches 5 ms “only”. Like the BenQ model is not available in Chile, and the U.S. is worth approximately $240 USD.

Best monitor 2012 image 4

Apple Thunderbolt Display

As a counterpart to the candidate have Dell U3011 Apple’s Thunderbolt Display.

They fight side by side with the U3011 with IPS panel 27 “monstrous resolution of 2560 X 1440 and an attractive visual style.

As is the tradition with Apple, several concessions were made to the model by removing all the video ports (not Thunderbolt), but has many additional ports to compensate (USB 2.0, FireWire, Gigabit Ethernet, power connector for Mac) .

Best monitor 2012 image 5

HP ZR30w

HP is best known for its notebooks, but also has a growing range of monitors, with ZR30W spearhead representing the segment.

Like contendos Dell has a size of 30 “, 2560 X 1600, IPS panel and response time of 7 ms, the only notable difference being the amount of video ports, where HP is left only with inputs DVI and DisplayPort.

Priced at USD $1,180 in the U.S. and $1.3 million in Chile (approximately) the ZR30w is not cheap for a model where you look.

Best monitor 2012 image 6

Best price / performance ratio

For this section we will try to use models that are at least in Chile and other countries in the region.

Samsung LS22B300BS

One of the preferred monitors in contributions made in our forums, LS22B300BS has the right size (22 “) and just resolution (1920 x 1080), LED lighting, a decent response time of 5 ms and digital video inputs .

The only downsides are its TN panel, refresh rate of 60 Hz and a lack of support for 3D, but for a $70,000 monitor in Chile (USD $146) we can not complain.

Best monitor 2012 image 7


? $80,000 Chilean pesos (USD $167) for a monitor with IPS panel with LED lighting? LG IPS224V succeeded with that also has a good size (22 “) Full HD resolution, response time of 5 ms and 60 Hz refresh

Best monitor 2012 image 8

Dell U2412

Dell enters the fight with the U2412M, considerably more expensive than the models in this category ($150,000 Chilean pesos – USD $313) but they are felt with an IPS panel LED 24 “which has been very well evaluated by sites reviews of monitors.

Unlike the other contenders the U2412 can pivot about its three axes and has adjustable height.

Best monitor 2012 image 9


AOC is a brand that sounds more monitors to TVs, but the company was making waves with E2243FWK several months, a FullHD LED 22 “video inputs D-Sub and DVI.

Priced at $80,000 (USD $167) the E2243 only be dignar have a TN panel and response time of 5 ms, although this is more than enough for most gamers and home users.

Best monitor 2012 image 10

Samsung S23A700D 3D

Finally we have the Samsung S23A700D, cheapest team in Chile with support for 3D and refresh rate of 120 Hz (although there are very few …)

For a price close to $170,000 (USD 355) gives us the S23A700D LED display 23 “FullHD, digital video inputs and the aforementioned refresh rate of 120 Hz with 3D support.

Best monitor 2012 image 11

More stylish

As this category is essentially aesthetic not going to enter and leave many features directly with photographs of each model.

LG E2360V

An elegant look with a slim support arm give the transparent LG E2360V forced a nomination in this category.

Best monitor 2012 image 12

Dell S2340M

Dell monitors are not exactly works of art, but the S2340M breaks the mold with a glossy edge-to-edge, thin edges and a sleek stand.

Best monitor 2012 image 13

LG E2290V

A second participant from LG, the E2290V opt for all-metal finish, an extremely thin panel and a base that hides many ports.

Best monitor 2012 image 14

Samsung LS24B750VSG

Bored of symmetrical monitors? Samsung bets on an arm that holds the whole screen from one edge instead of opting for the typical central support.

Best monitor 2012 image 15

Samsung LC24B750XS

We close the nominations with the modern design of Samsung LC24B750XS, who rejects cuadrads finishes, black, and shiny metal for a design dominated by curves and white.

Best monitor 2012 image 16

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