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Posted by on Aug 16, 2012 in Gadgets |

Bill Gates awarded the most innovative toilet with $100,000

Bill Gates awarded the most innovative toilet with $ 100,000

For two centuries the has not undergone major innovations despite its many benefits to public health. began a campaign over a year ago that seeks to reinvent the toilet-because of its high water consumption and its dependence on the sewerage system, and provided $3.2 million to eight universities in the world for this week will submit their proposals to develop the best toilet in the world.

This was to collect waste to produce clean water, energy and/or nutrients, but in an autonomous way, without using electricity, easy installation and maintenance costing less than $0.05 per day.

Each university had a budget of $400,000 to develop prototypes and the institution winner was Caltech (California Institute of Technology) for a solar-powered toilet generating fertilizer, hydrogen and electricity with which earned U.S. $ 100,000 prize.

While the second place went to Loughborough University, who earned $ 60,000 for a toilet that produces biochar (which is not the same as charcoal), minerals and clean water.

Just in case: Samples with toilets that ran the show were synthetic, made from a soy bean paste .

Link: Bill backs out one at Reinventing the fair Toilet (Gizmag)

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