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Posted by on Jul 4, 2012 in Gadgets, Hardware |

Bill Gates praises the new tablet Surface

Bill Gates praises the new tablet Surface

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Long ago that Bill Gates broke from Microsoft , but occasionally reappears to discuss philanthropy, fighting disease and some gadgets, like this interview with Charlie Rose in the United States .

In conversation, Gates referred to the issue of mixtures tablets and desktop computers are beginning to emerge from the hand of Windows 8. According to Gates, “is a great thing, I can not wait for it to sell and that people try it.”

According to the founder of Microsoft, the “blends the best” of the tablets and PCs “Whatever you call Surface, people will want to have it.”

“We call it a Windows 8 – when two categories of devices come together there is always a question about what will survive. The has been the “super set” so far, with many applications, keyboard and other inputs. Perhaps in the future will call PC, you may need another term “to refer to teams as Surface, said.

Asked about the success of Apple’s iPad, Gates acknowledged that “we did before the tablets were not as thin and attractive. Now has something that can change the rules. “

He also said not to be upset with the success of the company on the block. “The fact that the most exciting thing in the world this being done by software companies such as Google, Apple, Microsoft, Facebook, that’s great. These companies should strive to compete. The brightness of each company drives the other, that’s very exciting, “he said.

Link: Bill Gates, co-chair, The Gates Foundation (Charlie Rose via The Verge )

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