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Posted by on Jun 9, 2012 in Internet |

Bing teams up with the Encyclopedia Britannica

Bing teams up with the Encyclopedia Britannica

, the search engine, just bonding with the Encyclopaedia Britannica, so that when performing through this this service, Bing will give users between the links to the online version of this summary and a brief description with data regarding the search and a small image, plus links to other sources, of course.

Within these other sources is Wikipedia, the “killer” who was responsible for the extermination of the print edition of the Encyclopedia Britannica. also other common links are presented as an alternative, eg Qwiki or Freebase.

With this, the wants to start within the first position when you see results on the web, exactly as happens with Wikipedia. So sooner or later this had to begin to change and what better to ally with another big digital arena if not from the hand of those in Redmond .

For Bing is also a great opportunity since to offer different results than the competition (Google) and have the prestige of the Britannica is something that does not happen as often. Similarly, another way of teaching the most comprehensive search results with the most important in the abstract.

Although this is a good idea, it is impossible to know whether this is enough to enter and compete squarely with that has a snapshot of the results and see how these without ever leaving the web with the results. All this without mentioning that the Internet giant is working to further enhance the enriched fragments to give more quality to the results of each search you make to your service.

Microsoft explains on his official blog , links to the Encyclopedia Britannica and are available for when you want to visit.

Link: Bing intros new feature Britannica Online Encyclopedia answers (Ubergizmo)

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